Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage engagement ring is all about rekindling the glory of a past era, the finest expression of true love in the most definitive way. The charm of vintage style jewelry never fades away. Whatever be your partner’s personal preference be, a vintage styled ring will always floor her.

But are you wondering how to manage the high cost? Well, Moissanite Vintage engagement rings are just what you need. Often considered to be one of Diamond’s biggest competitor, this is also becoming one of the most popular gems when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Charming, bright and most importantly conflict-free, the Moissanite vintage engagement rings are beautiful and ethical and make a statement of their own.

Most modern couples today do not want to splurge too much on engagement and are also environmentally conscious. While they don’t want to compromise on the style quotient, there is a rather old-world utilitarian philosophy that kicks in. They do not want to overstretch themselves unnecessarily and are constantly looking for options that address these sensibilities. The Moissanite rings address both these priorities, and at the same time, manage to maintain the charm that jewelry holds for most women across the world.

Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring7.5 mm Genuine Moissanite, 14K Gold$6484.9
Moissanite Engagement Ring Half Eternity Anniversary Wedding Band1.25 CTW 4 mm Moissanite, 14 K White Gold$2995.0
Moissanite Engagement Rings Solitare with Accents Band2 ct 8 mm Moissanite, 14K Yellow Gold, Platinum$349.994.7
Round Moissanite Engagement Ring 2.92cttw DEW by Charles & Colvard9.0 mm round Moissanite, 14K Gold
Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring 3 CTW 14k White Gold9.7 mm 3 CTW Moissanite, 14K White Gold$10994.6
Forever Classic Round 4.5mm Moissanite Ring4.5 mm Moissanite, Rhodium plated silver$59.994.5

Detailed Review Of The Best Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

Here is a handy list of some of the best Moissanite Vintage Engagement rings that you can zero in for your beloved. These are elaborate, beautiful and strikingly vintage. They come with a guarantee of exuberance, admiration and love when your partner sets her eyes on them. The brilliant combination of the designing excellence and the delicate work add to its appeal even more. We have included options that are top-rated both in terms of quality and appeal. It comprises options that have excellent craftsmanship and at the same time highlights the aura of an era long buried in the pages of history. It is about rewriting retro style in modern lingo.

1.Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring
Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

When you are looking for moissanite vintage engagement rings, remember it is all about the decorative details that set these rings apart. This offering from Kobelli is no exception replete in Georgian splendor. The intricate ornamental details around the center stone and the band make this ring stand out and attract attention rather effortlessly. The gold etched engravings in this Cathedral style Vintage engagement ring also deserve a special mention. The engravings along the band are accentuated by milgrain edges for enhanced shimmer and offer a relatively more dynamic texture.

It takes you back right to the historical times without burying you too deep in the sea of nostalgia or old school styling. This is the type of style that celebrates the old and makes space for it in modern times with the right kind of perspective for them.

The finish, the ornamental work and the overall color tone of the band further reiterate the Vintage feel in a sure but succinct manner. It is a type of style that beautifully links the past era with contemporary styling as well as design sensibilities. This one is sure to win you some additional brownie points with your sweetheart in the most endearing fashion. She is sure to take notice of your refined sense of styling and designing.

2.    Moissanite Engagement Ring Half Eternity Anniversary Wedding Band

Moissanite Engagement Ring Half Eternity Anniversary Wedding Band
Moissanite Engagement Ring Half Eternity Anniversary Wedding Band

One of the most traditional and vintage styling, this Princess style moissanite engagement ring is all about combining antique charm with contemporary sensibilities. It is designed in a way that optimizes the reflection of the Moissanite stone. The cut and clarity of this ring puts it at par with just about any other diamond ring but at a far lesser price.

A classic style, this also doubles up as the half Eternity anniversary band. This also reiterates the timeless charm and versatility of this particularly vintage style. The best part about this design is the clarity in the cut and execution. There are no unnecessary frills, twists or turns and is rather straightforward in terms of the overall stone setting. That also enhances the sparkle of the stone to a large extent. So while you don’t walk away too much from the pages of history, you are quite successful in giving it a modern and meaningful trendy twist.

This ring is also available in yellow Gold or rose Gold as per customer requirement. That surely adds a brand new dimension in terms of versatility of the design and its appeal. Depending on the type of gold-tone that best suits your sweetheart, you can take a call. This also gives a better opportunity to take her choices into consideration.

Consistency in quality and maintaining the highest manufacturing standards makes this ring stand out compared to peers. The stones do not have any yellow or blue glint and even when you wear them with real diamonds. It is hard to make out the difference between the two in a conclusive manner.  That means you do not have to answer unnecessary questions about which style to choose and what to avoid. This makes the choice as personal as possible and helps you maintain your style statement without stretching the budget significantly. It helps you strike the right balance.

3.    Moissanite Engagement Rings Solitare with Accents Band

Moissanite vintage Engagement Rings Solitare with Accents Band
Moissanite Engagement Rings Solitare with Accents Band

Exaggerated, elaborate, overtly ornamental and outrightly striking is how I see Vintage engagement rings, and this Moissanite offering from DovEggs is no different. What further makes this a rather stunning piece is the bright and shiny center stone.

Yet again, a cathedral style vintage ring, it highlights a beautiful combination of two color tones combined with a creatively carved band. The stone setting and the engravings on the band highlight the old world charm as well as bringing forth a modern relevance to the overall styling. That is what makes it a versatile option for special occasions as well as daily wear.

The central stone with its 6-pronged setting is 8 mm in diameter and almost 2 ct in composition. The outside of the band is platinum plated while the inner band comprises of 14k yellow gold. The two tones also work towards enhancing the old world charm that this ring offers in a definitive yet subtle manner. This Cathedral style engagement ring also champions the cause of understated styling without sacrificing the overall Vintage appeal. It is all about offering clarity in both concept and execution coupled with master craftsmanship.

4.    Round Moissanite Engagement Ring 2.92cttw DEW by Charles & Colvard

Round Moissanite vintage Engagement Rings
Round Moissanite Engagement Ring 2.92cttw DEW by Charles & Colvard

A cross between an Antique Halo engagement ring and intertwined wedding rings, this Moissanite engagement ring is undeniably a game-changer of sorts. Classy, well-crafted and beautifully bound, this ring is a bridge between old-world charm and modern styling sensibilities. Showcasing the fire and brilliance of both the cut and quality of the stone, this is a type of ring that is a winner from the word go. It is a type of style that offers both a sense of creative magnificence and outright versatility.

Reminiscent of the Georgian/Edwardian era, this is a style that reflects the timeless appeal of well-crafted jewelry. The colour tone of the band also offsets the almost colourless quality of the stone and enhances the overall radiance comprehensively. Attractively priced, this ring also offers relative value proposition for users.

The gift box and the warranty card alongside the ring enhances both the degree of reliability as well as the credibility of this ring.

5.    Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring 3 CTW 14k White Gold

Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring
Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Often when you talk about moissanite or diamond vintage engagement rings, it is all about making a statement in a comprehensive manner. This halo moissanite ring from Kobelli fits the bill completely. It is so striking that it will be sure difficult for anyone to look anywhere else after they set their eyes on it.     

This radiant cut moissanite in the center shines brightly, and the highly prismatic facets enhance the brightness in sunlight or bright lighting. The 14K white gold takes up the role of the perfect partner in this case

The consistency of the quality and the overall manufacturing standards also deserve mentioning. This is not just a reflection of the Vintage style in terms of the ornamental craftsmanship but also the sturdy designing. This is not one of those run of the mill fragile pieces. It is a ring that will remain as beautiful for decades together and shine as brightly as the love it represents.

6.   Forever Classic Round 4.5mm Moissanite Ring, 0.33ct DEW by Charles & Colvard

Forever Classic Round 4.5mm Moissanite Ring
Forever Classic Round 4.5mm Moissanite Ring

Classic, timeless and ever charming, the Solitaire is never out of style. This beautifully crafted offering from Charles and Colvard takes your breath away both in terms of the brilliance of designing and the overall styling of the central Solitaire Moissanite. The rhodium-plated silver band further accentuates the shine of the almost color-less central stone.

In terms of craftsmanship, this is a dainty and well-defined ring that brings out the subtlety of styling in this ring. Extremely versatile and flexible, this ring works brilliantly for even those with finicky jewelry taste. Consistency in quality and styling is what sets this ring apart.

What To Look For And Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

So you can well imagine that there are several factors that go into the making of the best moissanite vintage engagement rings. If you are keen on acquiring a timeless piece, attention to details is crucial. That alone will ensure that you are able to buy a unique and statement-making ring for your sweetheart.

We decided to make the task a little simpler for you and help you get started. This is a handy list of the primary factors that you must look at while buying the ring of your choice.

•    Fit: This is the primary requirement. If you are keen about flooring your partner, you need to know her ring size. You can either get an idea using one of her existing ones or rope in a family member to help you out. You can also playfully get a fair idea of how slender her fingers are using a tie-band or such handy improvised ad hoc options at home. Of course, a ring can be resized later, but there is nothing like the happiness of the perfectly fitting engagement ring as you slid it on her finger.

•    Detailed Craftsmanship: The term vintage is almost synonymous with elaborate and detailed craftsmanship. Make sure that the ring that you are buying is not just labeled as vintage but actually represents that classic, timeless charm too. That is why the craftsmanship of these rings needs to be a shade better than the regular ones. Don’t settle for just about any that looks remotely vintage. As they say, the devil is in the details and make sure that you pay attention to every detail before placing your order for the most exquisite piece that you come across.

•    Quality of Moissanite: Well, just like diamonds, moissanite too have a strict pecking order of quality, cut and color. The rule of thumb is to do your homework before you set out for buying your dream engagement ring. These are very special jewelry elements; these don’t change or get remolded. So make sure you are able to provide a piece to your partner that she will treasure for the rest of her life. The good news is you can easily refer to our easy guides on how to decide on the best moissanite stone on the basis of the cut and color. Also, make sure that you are able to get a value buy.

•    Budget: Last but the not the least important, deciding your budget is crucial. While I am sure that you want to make it a memorable moment for your partner, splurging too much may not be the best way to go about it. After all, you must remember the gradual shift towards moissanite is all about rationalizing the cost. Increasingly couples are depending less and less on their families in terms of paying for their wedding. That is why it becomes so important that you buy a ring that does not leave you over-leveraged. After all, you do not want to sacrifice your day to day comfort and peace of mind at the altar of the perfect engagement ring. Even your partner will not be happy with that type of extravagance. So make sure that you balance budget and beauty in a systematic way.


Therefore, it is quite clear that the best moissanite vintage engagement rings are not just about the price or the design in isolation. It is a complete package that truly represents your love and commitment towards your partner, so make sure that you are choosing wisely. The vintage ring is often the epitome of elegance, subtlety and classic designing. There are occasions in life that deserve a little extra attention to details, and none are as important as the moment when couples get engaged. These moissanite vintage engagement rings are the perfect way to make that moment memorable.