Best Necklace for Girlfriend

Deciding on the most appropriate necklace for your girlfriend can never be easy. Once you decide to go necklace shopping for your girlfriend, remember there can be a potential minefield of mistakes, not to mention the cost involved. You have to match many factors like her choice, your budget, authentic product, and a trendy design.

If you are keen on buying something that will surprise her with its beauty, you have to undertake a bit of research. You have to look for the latest trends and see what matches your girlfriend’s personality best. Customers today are spoilt with options, and that is why the need for an appropriate choice is crucial.

Additionally, the product that you choose also needs to strike the right balance between craftsmanship and quality. At the end of the day, that look of absolute surprise and admiration is what you look forward to.

Women's Rose Gold Pendant with Studded Real Diamonds or Moissanite - Stylish and Elegant - Handmade and Custom Real Gold PendantRose GoldRose Gold Pendant with Studded Real Diamonds $76.49+shippingN/A
14K White Gold Diamond Cross Value Collection3/4-3 Carat Total Weight, 14K White GoldWhite Gold Diamond$5004.7
Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace for Women9-10mm diameter Pink Pearl, .925 Sterling silverFreshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace$894.7
White Saltwater Cultured Japanese Akoya Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace 14K Gold, 7-7.5mm diameter pearl, 1/33 CTTW diamondWhite Saltwater Cultured Japanese Akoya Pearl Diamond $169.994.5
14K Solid White or Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace1 carat round Zirconia, 14K goldSolid White or Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace$144.954.5
Swiss Blue Topaz Amethyst Citrine Peridot Pendant Necklace0.925 sterling silver, 8-10mm diameter topazBlue Topaz Amethyst Citrine Peridot Pendant Necklace $59.904.5
You Are the Only One in My Heart Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace0.925 Sterling silver, cubic Zirconia stonesSterling Silver Pendant Necklace$694.5

Detailed Review of The Best Necklace For Girlfriend

Here is a detailed review of the best necklace for your girlfriend. All of these are unique creations that speak for themselves both in terms of the quality as well as the appeal of the designing.

1. Women’s Rose Gold Pendant with Studded Real Diamonds or Moissanite:

When you are looking for the best necklace for your girlfriend, it cannot get better than this. Elegant, beautiful, creatively drafted, this handmade offering is a one of its kind. Whether she wears it to the office or an evening occasion, this is the type that will create a lasting impression.

Rose Gold Pendant with Studded Real Diamonds
Rose Gold Pendant with Studded Real Diamonds

This is a genuine rose gold necklace with sparkling stones set on the pendant. The total weight of this is 3.63 gms and has more than 40 diamonds in it. The best part of the pendant is that it is customizable, and you can personalize it to suit your girlfriend’s preferences better. This can be made either in silver or in gold. Even in gold, you have the option to choose the purity as per your budget and color reference.

In case you are not too keen about the diamond, you can also replace it with Moisannite or even Zirconia. After all, it depends on the budget you have allocated for the necklace, and what works best for your girlfriend.

Another reason why we consider it as a top buy is the fact that this has a 7-day return policy. So just in case, your girlfriend is not satisfied, you can choose to return and look for something else.

2. 14K White Gold Diamond Cross Value Collection:

Elegant, beautiful, well-crafted, this is decidedly a top contender in the list of the best necklaces for your girlfriend. It is petite, unique, and most importantly, appeals to the delicate sensibilities of a woman who appreciates all things dainty and beautiful.

White Gold Diamond
White Gold Diamond

Created with 100% conflict-free and genuine diamonds, it is priceless in terms of its appeal and charm and conveys the same feelings that you have for your girlfriend. This white gold pendant is teamed with 925 sterling silver and goes on to create a startlingly creative impact. You also have the option of buying a separate chain if you choose to.

The quality of the diamonds and inlay work is phenomenal, but what really shines through is the cut of the diamond. That is what adds to the overall shine and brilliance of the stones.

3. Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace for Women:

If your girlfriend prefers understated styling, this is perhaps the best necklace for her. The pink pearl delicately placed in a mesh of .925 sterling silver is both striking and decidedly gorgeous. This necklace is unique in its absolute charm and quite appropriate for everyday wear as well as evening wear.

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace
Freshwater Cultured Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace

The quality of the pearl deserves mention here. Right from the point of sourcing to the final product, it is an epitome of quality and excellence. The size of the pearl makes this necklace stand out even amidst a room full of people. Needless to mention, it also makes an absolute impression on anyone receiving it as a gift. The sterling silver metal, the lobster clasp lock makes it both functional and versatile and ideal for just about any age group.

4. White Saltwater Cultured Japanese Akoya Pearl Diamond Pendant Necklace:

An absolute combination of pearl white sheen and the brilliance of white well-cut diamond, this is undeniably one of the best necklaces for your girlfriend. Whatever the occasion might be, this is a kind of option that you can hardly go wrong with. It is stylish, sophisticated, and the sort of stuff that makes your girlfriend go weak on the knees.

White Saltwater Cultured Japanese Akoya Pearl Diamond
White Saltwater Cultured Japanese Akoya Pearl Diamond

Every Akoya pearl is carefully selected to guarantee lasting quality and absolute shine. Ivory in color, it is a 100% naturally cultured pearl. These are not colored or dyed with any paint. This is the type of necklace that looks appropriate for weddings, evening wear and just about any special family occasion.

The subtlety of the diamond setting too makes this piece stand out and win accolades for you.

5. 14K Solid White or Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace:

Classic, conventional and timeless in appeal, this is a type of necklace you can never go wrong with when you are zeroing down on the best necklace for your girlfriend. Simple yet well crafted, traditional yet trendy, this necklace looks cool with cocktail dresses as well as your regular denim wear.

Solid White or Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace
Solid White or Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

Secure, sturdy and decidedly striking, this necklace epitomizes quality crafted with care. It ensures that whoever is wearing it has to clearly know how to handle appreciation because that is a sure thing when you are wearing this.

The 16-inch box link chain adds to the charm and appeal of this necklace. This chain and the length makes it a rather versatile option for a wide range of women of varying height. Whether your girlfriend has a round face or a heart-shaped one, it will make her look beautiful.

6. Swiss Blue Topaz Amethyst Citrine Peridot Pendant Necklace:

If you want to check the power of blue, well this is a necklace that represents it perfectly. Functional, versatile and interchangeable, this necklace is trendy, well-crafted and makes for an absolutely striking gift whatever the occasion might be. The high-quality Sterling silver, as well as the stone quality, makes it a shiny and attractive cynosure of all attention.

Blue Topaz Amethyst Citrine Peridot Pendant Necklace
Blue Topaz Amethyst Citrine Peridot Pendant Necklace

All the gemstones used in this necklace are handpicked, and as a result, they all radiate exemplary sheen and glitter. That too adds to the overall beauty of the well-crafted pendant and takes the designing brilliance a notch higher in a significantly striking manner.

The 60-day money-back guarantee acts as a booster dose of confidence. This ensures that customers can buy it without worry. It also speaks about the company’s confidence in the quality of their product. The beautifully crafted jewelry box that comes with it adds to its overall shine and texture.

7. You Are the Only One in My Heart Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace:

Well, if you are looking for that perfect piece of jewelry that can best convey your love to your girlfriend, then nothing can be better than this one. Dainty, delicate and carefully crafted, this is a kind of necklace that wins admiration and appreciation from the moment it is worn.

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

The rhodium-plated 0.925 sterling silver teams up well with the Zirconia to bring out a classic design with a trendy twist. It is easily customizable and also has the provision for engraving. So it means you can easily personalize this gift for your dear one and add an exclusive touch to your present.

However, selected user reviews indicated that there is some inconsistency in the quality of the end product. So if you are deciding on this necklace for your girlfriend, make sure that you are sure about the return policy, just in case.

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What To Look For And Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Necklace For Girlfriend

However, you have to take into account several factors while deciding on the best necklace for your girlfriend. After all, that is what will ensure that you have a decidedly quality buy with a reasonably good return on investment.

  • Height Of The Person: Necklaces are of varying length. They can be short like a choker and really long multi-layered ones. Different designs suit different women of varying heights. There are some like the super short choker that fits best on tall women with a lean neck. That same choker might make a short woman appear even more round. So carefully consider all these factors before you decide on the best looking necklace for your girlfriend.
  • Neck Size: Some women have long necks, while others have really short ones. There are some that are neither too big nor too short. This is exactly why you must be careful about choosing the right sized necklace. Bet it short or long, different-sized necklaces add a different dimension to your face. The trick is to match the appropriate length with the right Person. That alone will be able to do justice to the craftsmanship and designing brilliance of the necklace. It can also help accentuate her neck better when you buy something that suits her personality well.
  • Shape Of The Face: The facial shape plays a crucial role in deciding what necklace suits your girlfriend. On an average, women with an oval face can carry most necklace designs well. However, those with round-shaped faces may not look good in chokers or short necklaces as it does not suit their face well. But if they have a longish face, these short necklaces will help add softness to their face. It will also stop from adding any further length to their face. Those will heart-shaped faces can carry short necklaces really well. The roundness of the necklace often helps add roundness to their thin chins and making them look even more beautiful.
  • Body Type: When you are deciding on the necklace for your girlfriend, don’t forget to take her body type in account. Those who are relatively heavy built can carry certain styles better and moderately built ones may look better in other options. Even for those who are thinner and leaner, there are designs that are better suited for them when compared to others. That is why it is always important that you take these factors well into consideration before deciding on the right necklace for your girlfriend.


Perhaps the best thing about looking for the best necklace for your girlfriend is that you do not have to worry about the size. Unlike the rings, it is fairly simple to get the necklace size right. Just make sure you know her choices well. The kind of base metal that she likes is crucial. Some designs look better in rose gold compared to white gold or your girlfriend might prefer yellow gold.  The weight and the positioning of the locket are crucial too.

After all, these factors work together simultaneously to help you decide on that best necklace that you choose for your girlfriend. In many ways, it also helps convey your undying commitment and love for her in the most appropriate way.