Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

The engagement ring like the moissanite engagement rings is always special, but often couples these days are toying with the idea of replacing that conventional diamond with slightly less expensive stones. This is because diamond for all its charm and exquisiteness is an expensive stone and needs a fair bit of investment.

As increasingly young people are shouldering more and more of their financial responsibilities, the fragile global economic condition, it is becoming quite clear that there are times when the balance tilts decisively against that diamond ring. It is needless to mention that the option of some equally beautiful but relatively less expensive options like Moissanite are helping influence that decision.

Difference between Diamond and Moissanite

Apart from the price factor, the socially conscious modern generation is also seeing the Moissanite as a more eco-friendly option. They feel that it is one of the most responsible ways to pay tribute to Mother Earth, as they step into a new life. After all, the Moissanite is lab-grown and does not involve the hassle of tracking them or looking for conflict-free options. This also makes them a lot more sustainable option as compared to diamond. What really seals the deal is that their look and brilliance compares that to a diamond many times.

Therefore, this is decidedly the first point of difference between the Diamond and Moissanite. While the diamond mostly involves exploring, digging, and may or may not involve a conflict situation, the Moissanite is a relatively environmentally responsible choice.

It is discovered in 1893 by Nobel Laureate and French scientist, Henri Moissan in a crater in Arizona. However, this natural version is scarce, and what you mostly have today is lab generated. It is engineered brilliantly to bring out the diamond-like

  • Sheen
  • Durability
  • Color

As a result, to the untrained eyes, they are as beautiful and attractive without the price tag or the weight of a potential conflict that the diamond carries. The relative strength and the colorless brilliance of this gemstone too make a case for it and make it a particularly striking stone. Its versatility and ability to adapt to a design or a metal also adds to its appeal.

Comparison Chart of the Best Moissanite Engagement

Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring1 ½ CTW Moissanite, 14 k GoldMoissanite Engagement Rings$6484.9
Forever Brilliant White Gold 9.0mm Round Moissanite Engagement Ring2.9 CTW, 14K GoldRound Moissanite Engagement Ring$449.994.6
Moissanite Forever Classic 8.00MM1.50 CT Moissanite, 14K GoldMoissanite Forever Classic$4994.5
DovEggs Solid 14K White Gold 1ct 6.5mm GH Color Heart Arrows Cut Created Moissanite Solitare Engagement Rings14K Gold, 1CTMoissanite Solitare Engagement Rings$289.994.6
Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Gold Round Moissanite14K Gold, 0.75 CTWGold Round Moissanite$433.40-$565.404.9
DovEggs 2ct Diameter 8mm H-I Color 2.8mm Width Moissanite Engagement Ring925 Sterling Silver, 2 CTMoissanite Engagement Ring$144.99-$149.994.5

Detailed Review Of The Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

Here is a quick lowdown on some of the best Moissanite Engagement rings that you can decide on. Each of these is special in its own way. They are trendy, beautifully designed and guarantee loads of appreciation for both the quality of craftsmanship as well as the delicate designing.

Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite Engagement Rings
Moissanite Engagement Ring

Elegantly crafted with the 7.5 mm genuine Kobelli Moissanite, this is undeniably one of the best moissanite engagement rings. The delicate design, the elegant craftsmanship and the sparkle of the stone are sure to floor your partner.

The gold etched engravings, the cathedral setting and the brilliant cut of the moissanite in this ring makes it an absolutely stunning piece. The engravings along the band offer that extra bit of pop and dynamism to this timeless design and make it a show stopper from the word go. The high polish finish of the 14K White gold band further amplifies this wow effect.

This ring is packaged in a beautiful jewelry box and comes with the Kobelli guarantee of quality and absolute ethical practices.

Forever Brilliant White Gold 9.0mm Round Moissanite Engagement Ring

Round Moissanite Engagement Ring
Round Moissanite Engagement Ring

This brilliantly cut round moissanite is set on Rhodium-plated white gold. The center stone is a 9.0, round-cut Moissanite stone and is close to 3 CTW. This beautiful offering from Charles and Colvard easily features one of the best moissanite engagement rings available at the moment.

Introduced in 2012, this stone is nearly colorless and extremely durable. The elegant split shank band design too deserves a special mention. It makes this ring both timeless as well as trendy at the same time. Gorgeous and elegant, it is one of the best known wow creations from the company within a budget.

Most customer reviews indicate that the overall fit and consistency in quality deserves praise.

Moissanite Forever Classic 8.00MM

Moissanite Forever Classic
Moissanite Forever Classic

When you are deciding on the best moissanite engagement rings, you are also on the lookout for standout designs coupled with quality stones. In this context, this classic moissanite ring is a winner from all aspects hands down.

If we first discuss the rather simple yet classic design of a white brilliant stone set on yellow gold, it is a timeless combination and looks striking on just about anybody. The brilliant-cut of this nearly colorless 8 mm moissanite also delivers a degree of sparkle and shine that can put many real diamonds to shame.

If you are shopping for an engagement ring on a budget but don’t want to compromise on the design or craftsmanship, this is the type of ring that you must choose. Solid both in terms of durability and allure, these timeless beauties are the best manifestation of your undying commitment and love for your partner.

DovEggs Solid 14K White Gold 1ct 6.5mm GH Color Heart Arrows Cut Created Moissanite Solitare Engagement Rings

Moissanite Solitare Engagement Rings
Moissanite Solitare Engagement Rings

If you are looking for an understated, subtle, gorgeous, and striking ring for your partner, this is undeniably one of the best moissanite engagement rings you could choose for your beloved. Delicate and elegant are adjectives that almost seem inadequate in describing how gorgeous this ring is.

This white gold solitaire engagement ring has a 6.6 mm stone at the center and comes packaged in a beautifully crafted jewelry box. Clear and sparkly, the brilliance of the stone is well complimented by the 14K white gold band. The prong setting of this ring further adds to the durability and the timeless appeal.

All in all, it is a high-quality ring that is also backed by a very affordable price band. This accompanied by the ease of buying and shipping it just to anywhere globally makes it a standout option in the battle of rings. The customer service of the company is almost as stunning as the design of the ring.

Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Gold Round Moissanite

Gold Round Moissanite
Gold Round Moissanite

This swirl split shank halo engagement ring is one of the trendiest options in this series. In terms of its understated appeal and brilliance of the centrally set moissanite, this 14K gold beauty is undeniably attractive. The moissanite at the center is about 0.75carat and unmatched in terms of its sparkle and glamour.

Available in both white gold and yellow gold, these have a wide range of size options too. This offering from Dazzling Rocks boasts of top-order craftsmanship and is a superbly styled masterpiece.

The 90-day warranty from the company makes the deal even sweeter. It also puts a stamp of credibility to their overall commitment to quality and durability. They also offer customized designing and repair options for guaranteed fit and satisfaction. This commitment to customer satisfaction comes through in their product delivery and finishing too. They also come with the offer to be shipped to just about any location globally, enhancing their appeal.

DovEggs 2ct Diameter 8mm H-I Color 2.8mm Width Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring
Moissanite Engagement Ring

The central Moissanite stone setting is what makes this one of the best Moissanite engagement rings in the market. The refractive index of this central gemstone is higher than the diamond reflective index, and the brilliance of the cut can give many genuine diamond engagement rings a run for their money.

This ring is set on Platinum plating over solid 925 Sterling silver, making it a rather cost-effective, durable and striking alternative to the traditional diamond engagement rings. Boasting of a superior fit, classic design and creative craftsmanship, this ring stands out both in terms of its simplicity and affordability.

The platinum plating also makes it an anti-allergic and tarnish-free option. So irrespective of where you may be, this will retain its white gold like glaze throughout. It comes in a wide range of sizes, and the fit of this ring is phenomenal.

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What to Look For and Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

There is a variety of factors that you must consider before buying the best Moissanite engagement rings. Some of these elements include the basic procedure before zeroing on just about any engagement ring. This is because the ring is not just an expression of your love but also a representation of how well you understand your partner and how deeply committed you are to the relationship.

To help you get started, here is a handy list of factors to consider that can help you zero in on a beautiful ring that suits your partner and at the same time matches your budget.

Top Trends: When it comes to engagement rings, there are some timeless styles and then again there are styles that are just seasonal or annual fads. There is an argument in favor of both these camps. But you have to make a wise choice to think about the personality of your partner and the nature of your relationship and then take a call on what falls into place effortlessly. That will help you zero in on a trendy yet timeless alternative that is sure to win admiration from every corner.

Your Partner’s Preference: But at the same time, don’t lose track of your partner’s preference. Think about what type of design and color suits their personality. The color of the metal on which the stone will be set is also crucial. Try and look for options that complement their skin tone and then see how the color of the gemstone goes with the metal color too.

Quality of the Gemstone: Often we associate diamond with an engagement ring because of the priceless aspect of it. That is why make sure that you ascertain the cut, quality and weight of the stone that you decide on. It is very important that you go for the best possible stone available within your budget. That way, the relative value of your investment is always higher and more meaningful in every possible way.

Fit: There can be nothing more embarrassing than popping the question with a ring that does not fit well. You can either ask one of your partner’s family members to help you out or look for one of her rings for the jeweler’s reference. Most rings are available in a wide range of sizes. Look for the one that promises the closest fit for the best possible results.

Budget: Last but not the least important factor, keep a close eye on your budget. The engagement is often the beginning of a lot of other expenses like the wedding, a bachelor’s party, and whatnot. The last thing that you want is putting all your funds in this one ring and then stretching for the rest. Decide on an amount well in advance and then get around looking for the best option in that price range.


Therefore, the best Moissanite engagement ring is never just about the sparkle, the size or the price. Engagement rings are often a couple’s first commitment towards a life together. A Moissanite ring for that occasion not only seals the deal but also manifests the supremacy of love over all things material. It is an environmentally friendly gemstone that also teaches you to trust the gem of a person you are getting engaged to. It is the perfect way to achieve that balance between nature and modern innovations to make our life happier and more fulfilling.