Best Engagement Rings of 2019

If you are looking for the best engagement rings, 2019 is a lot about back to reality. Unlike 2018, the bias is heavily towards classic designs with a modern twist. Increasingly, you see couples going for practical and sleek ones as against chunky and big rings. Per se, the trend now is not necessarily new, but it is surely a modern interpretation of the old. It is all about a rediscovery of old heirlooms but also adjusting them with the metaphor of recent times.

You can also see couples matching rings with their personality. It is no longer just about how heavy or how chunky it is, but also how well it complements the wearer’s personality. That said, the classic combination of diamond and gold stays quite in trend. However, what perhaps has changed is how brides want these classic components in their rings.

The trend is firmly moving towards fancy shaped diamonds from the traditional round ones. Though these shapes have been around for a while, it is now that you see a strong surge towards these. A mix and match of shapes is also another pronounced development in emerging trends.

There is also a general shift in buyer values. Buyers are a lot more conscious about ethics and the source of the material. Style, trends and craftsmanship are scoring heavily above just how chunky or flashy the ring is. Vintage concepts including bezel settings and minimalist styles are taking center stage in a meaningful way.

Comparison Chart of the Best Engagement Rings Of 2019

Ladies Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Set14K Gold, 0.65carat diamond, 0.85carats diamond$757.90 – 906.404.9
Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring14K White Gold , 1.5 CTW 2 Bezel set diamond$6484.9
Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring14K White Gold, 3 CTW 50 round cut diamonds$10994.9
Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring14K White Gold, 1 CTW diamond$5754.7
Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring14K gold, 0.50 carat diamonds$950-10855.0
Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring14K White Gold, 1.43 CTW$1950-21004.6
Classic Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring14K Rose Gold, 0.5 CTW$3794.5

Detailed Review of Best Engagement Rings Of 2019

Here is a quick lowdown of the best engagement rings that are popular in 2019. Each one is special not just in terms of the design, but also conforms to the trends and stands out with respect to craftsmanship and quality of the product that is on offer.

1. Ladies Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Set

This is a classic design with a round cut diamond. Set on rose gold, the Morganite and the White diamond exude a unique, soft glow that is sure to wow your beloved. Undeniably one of the best engagement rings of 2019, it is all about the classic appeal and a rather modern interpretation of the same.

Ladies Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Set
Split Shank Engagement Ring

The 100% naturally sparkly stones elevate this classic design to a new height and win instant admiration from anyone who set their eyes on it. Most reviewers indicate that this delicately crafted thin band ring with the center stone setting is an absolute hit from the word go. It also exudes a subtle vintage glam.

This comes with a complimentary jewelry box that is almost as pretty as this ring and also exudes the same oomph factor that you associate with this ring.

2. Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

Here is another retro option that is sure to floor your beloved. One of the best engagement rings from Kobelli, it highlights the trend for 2019 to the hilt. It also comes with the company’s guarantee of ethical practices and conflict-free material.

Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Ring
Moissanite Engagement Ring

 The bezel set diamond brings in a dose of trendy style to a classic design. The 14K White Gold offsets the almost colorless diamond in a subtly charming away and adds to its appeal.

The traditional metal work including engravings further makes this ring one of its kind. User reviews indicate superior quality, fit and an overload of detailing. However, make sure that this is available in your partner’s size. If not, you can still get it, but that may take a bit of time. So make sure that you account for it when you place the order for this ring.

3. Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Another Moissanite and diamond wonder in solid 14K white gold, this radiant shaped ring is all about a thumping stamp of trendy stylish design that blurts out your love and commitment in clear words. It comes with a unique combination of the brilliance of style and a clear guarantee of authenticity.

Moissanite Engagement Ring
Moissanite Engagement Ring

A beautiful ring with a stunning fit, this is delicately etched out ring with a clear indication of the excellence in craftsmanship and engraving. With proper certification and guarantee of purity, your love is surely going to shine in the halo of its sparkle.

User reviews also indicated that both in terms of packaging and smoothness of delivery, there is hardly any complaint.

If you are really interested in Moissanite Rings, do check out this list about the best Moissanite Engagement Rings

4. Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Sapphire and diamond is a classic combination with a timeless appeal. Whether it is Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge or even Elizabeth Hurley, it is hard not to fall for this Vintage combination.

Vintage Sapphire & Diamond
Vintage Sapphire & Diamond

Made of 100% natural and conflict-free diamond and set of 14K white gold, this ring is all about an understated charm that is hard to miss. The brilliant cut of the stones coupled with the sleek styling makes it an absolute winner.

Most user reviews indicate that there is no blemish or inclusion in the stone, and the sparkle is perhaps brighter in real than what you see online. The packaging is beautiful, and even in the case of international shipping, it has reached its destination in proper condition.

5. Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring

If the 2019 trend for the best engagement ring is also a little bit of fun with the retro, this is an absolute representation of the same. Sleek, stylish and absolutely trendy, this engagement ring meets the brief for just about any personality. Whether your beloved is romantic as a person or an introvert, this design speaks to them like no other.

Split Shank Pave Set Diamond
Split Shank Pave Set Diamond

It is well made with delicate stone settings. The quality of the craftsmanship and modernity of the styling is what absolutely sets apart this ring from the rest. It is a beautiful representation of sleek styling that retains a bit of the old world charm along with oodles of oomph and style.

6. Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Set in classic rose gold and made of 100% natural conflict-free diamond, this is a one of its kind engagement rings. In terms of the broad design and classic, it veers more towards the classic and timeless option and exudes the subtle old world charm of the concept.

Classic Prong Set Diamond
Classic Prong Set Diamond

The prong setting, the certificate of authenticity and the combination of the rose gold with the white diamond make for a stunning concept. Admiration is guaranteed if you are planning to present this little gem to your beloved.

User reviews indicate that the classic four prong setting enhances the design but be careful about the side stone settings. In very select cases they seem to have come off after a while.

7. Classic Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Well, this is one of the best engagement rings that you can choose for 2019. The three stone diamond setting is a concept that has started gaining momentum after Prince Harry popped the question to Meghan Markle with a similar ring. This halo round ring is crafted in solid 14K rose gold and exudes incomparable sparkle.

Classic Three-Stone Diamond
Classic Three-Stone Diamond

The 100% natural conflict-free diamonds have a high degree of clarity and a beautiful cut. That no doubt enhances the overall design and highlights the quality of craftsmanship.

What To Look For And Features To Consider When Buying The Best Engagement Rings Of 2019

It is quite clear, therefore, that you need to consider a variety of factors to make sure you get the best rings. To get you started, here is a handy list of what you must look for before buying that dream ring.

  • Design: Before you set out to buy an engagement ring, it is important you acquaint yourself with the variety of styles and shapes of diamond cuts that are available. You can either go for timeless cuts or choose modern trends. The highlight of 2019 is undeniably all about unconventional diamond cuts ranging from pear-shaped to bezel settings. It is all about retro with a twist but at the same time slightly understated appeal in the whole arrangement and style.
  • Check The 4Cs Of Diamond: Choosing the right diamond can be tricky. But don’t just limit yourself to the basic weight. It is true that the price of the diamond is mostly dependent on that, but you must also pay attention to the 4Cs of the diamond namely
  • Cut: The shine of the diamond is directly dependent on the cut. We all know that diamond shines as a result of the reflection and the refraction of the light. This brilliance and sparkle come out only when it is properly cut and polished. So more the faces the cut has, the more expensive the diamond is.
  • Color: The lesser the color in a diamond, the rarer it is. Color-Less diamonds are no doubt amongst the most expensive ones. They are also difficult to find. The colors generally have grading between D-Z.
diamond color
  • Clarity: This refers to the absence of blemish and inclusions in the diamond. This again adds to the sparkle. Needless to mention that the clearer ones are also the more expensive ones.
diamond clarity
  • Carat: Lastly diamond is measured in Carat weight. The final price of the diamond is closely linked to the overall carat of the stone that you select for the ring. 
  • Choose The Metal For The Band: Next comes the band color. Even if you decide on gold, you can still choose between rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Think about the type of jewelry that your fiancée wears or prefers and her skin tone and try and choose a color that complements these.
  • Pick A Ring That Suits Her Personality: Different ring designs go with different personalities. While you see Kate Middleton carrying the chunky Sapphire and diamond with aplomb, Meghan Markle’s three stone setting is the talk of the town. So make sure that the style that you are choosing goes well with your partner’s personality. This will add an extra zing to the whole concept. There are various designs that suit various kinds of people.
  • Know Her Size: If you are planning to pop the question then make sure that you know her ring size. You can either borrow a ring on the sly and trace out the inner circle or casually go jewelry shopping with her and get your jeweler to take note of her ring size in a subtle way. You may also rope in a family member to get the crucial detail on some pretext. That way, you will be able to surprise her even better when you finally present that engagement ring to your beloved.
  • Decide On A Budget: Last but undoubtedly not the least important factor, it is a crucial link to the whole process of buying the link. Carefully consider all the elements and then decide on the amount of money that you would like to spend on it. Remember you will also have the wedding ahead so no point of over splurging on this in any way.


The right ring will not just floor your fiancée but also make it a lot easier for her to say yes. They say love is priceless and an invaluable and unique engagement ring is the best way to express it. This list of the best engagement rings in 2019 gives you a quick update on the top trends, the leading options and factors that you must consider before buying the ring. This makes sure that you are able to maintain quality as pure as your love.